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the_birdy_house's Journal

Huzzah, Troubadours!
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The musical vision of Jonathon Hamilton Brown and Daniel Robertson Berger does not deserve a community. They sound like proper noun meets adjective on proper noun.

Dig the scene, yo. DIG IT.

A Biography

The Birdhouse Project was formed in the year of our lord 2004 in the humble household of Dr. J. Bruce Brown. It's members consisted of bebop legend Samuel T. Littleshank, world reknowned uke player Jesu Maria, performance artist Sean Shawn, and street poet Prop A. Ganda. The Project's first recording was a hackish attempt at musical expression inspired by Lesli Marmon Silko's modern day masterpiece Ceremony. The quartet then resolved to tour the country playing under the pseudonym Jesus and the Construction Workers. After a well recieved first tour, the quartet made their way back to their home town of Jackson Michigan via a camel by the name of Mic. Unfortunately, their camel voyage turned for the worst when Mic stubbed his toe and toppled over breaking the beautiful faces of all four performers. The quartet resolved to never play a live show again and celebrated their resolve with a bottle of Popov Vodka. Once again, the Project met with ill luck. The vodka had been poisoned by a vengeful fan who found the quartet's use of four track recording devices repulsive. All four members of the Project died that cursed evening.

If it weren't for the revolutionary spiritual achievements of a voodoo priest by the name of Seamus Mclusky, perhaps the Birdhouse Project would never be heard again. Thanks to Seamus and two peckish lads from the Project's home town, the Birdhouse Project was literally brought back to life. Seamus, a skilled engineer and producer, also produced the Project's first two EPs "Hymn's to Africa" and "Draught." The project is currently at work on a third EP title "Hacks."

The Birdhouse Project has played such fine venues as the Thunderbird Coffee House and some hippy peace thing at Ella Sharp Park.